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About Deep Creek

Deep Creek Lake in Maryland was chosen to be the host site for the 2014 ICF canoe slalom world championships. It beat out Vienna, Austria and Krakow, Poland to earn that selection, and to bring the great sport of the canoe slalom world championships to the United States for just the second time in the history of the event. But there is so much more to Deep Creek Lake than what it did for the sport at Deep Creek 2014. Here is a look at what Deep Creek is all about.

Deep Creek is located in Garrett County in Maryland, which is interesting for a number of reasons. Garrett County has one of the lowest populations in the entire state of Maryland, which means that areas like Deep Creek Lake are not overrun with people. Not only does this create a scenic backdrop for something like the 2014 ICF canoe slalom world championships, but it also means that the athletes and teams that arrive there will be able to rest in a somewhat remote area in between competitions, making sure that they can compete at the highest level possible.

What is interesting about Deep Creek is the fact that it is not just a destination for people to use for aquatic activities in the summer. Deep Creek also boasts many uses in the winter time or year-round, as it is a destination that has a lot more to offer than just a beautiful body of water. In the winter time, people tend to go skiing and snowboarding at Deep Creek, with the Wisp Resort right in the area boasting plenty of slopes for skiers and riders to enjoy. There are also things like nearby historical sites for people to check out, in case they do not wish to take part in any extreme sports during their visit.

As for the Deep Creek Lake itself, it was actually a man-made lake, which was the result of an electrical company doing work on hydroelectric power in the 1920s. With a depth that goes as deep as 75 feet and over 3,600 acres to the lake, there is no doubt that it was quite the project to dig something of that size during a time where the technology to do so was not as advanced as we have today. The lake is also used for fishing quite a bit, with several varieties of bass and trout available for anglers to throw their bait at.