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About The ICF

In 1924, the preliminary version of the ICF was created, and was later named the International Canoe Federation in 1946. The goals of the organization were simple, to make it easier for countries to get the information and resources they needed with regards to canoeing, and to create canoeing events around the world that raised the profile of the sport to that of a global level. Since then, the ICF has been involved in the sport in over 150 countries around the world.

The ICF is made up of members from around the world, but also has a congress that meets every other year. That congress is made up of a president, three vice presidents, a treasurer, and several standing committee chairs. For each of those positions, elections are held every four years, and each one plays a vital role in making sure that the affairs of the organization continue to run smoothly and with the best interests of the sport in mind.

As an organization, the ICF states that their mission is to provide global leadership to help enable and inspire people to take up paddling sports such as canoeing and kayaking. By that logic, it is only fair to assume that an event like the Deep Creek 2014 ICF canoe slalom world championships exists to bring greater awareness to the sport of canoe slalom and that this event takes place with the goal in mind of helping to get more people to participate in paddling sports in the future.

The International Canoe Federation also has a list of core values that it touts, which include leadership, excellence, integrity, equity, and inspiration. While these values sound more like an inspiration poster than an actionable plan to help improve the sport of canoe slalom, it is probably best to leave the growth of the sport to the experts, given that they have done a good job of making their world championships into an entertaining event that travels the world each year.

Overall, there could be some questions asked of the ICF about what they are doing to grow the exposure of their canoe slalom world championships, especially in the age of sports media where just about everything is televised in one way or another. But for the most part, this organization does a great job of keeping the sports of canoeing and kayaking rowing in the right direction year after year.