The Best Canoe
In The World


As a whole, the sport of canoe slalom does not receive the media attention that it deserves. A sport featuring such an impressive array of athleticism in truly adverse conditions deserves to be celebrated in the mainstream rather than enjoyed sparingly by a few media outlets here and there. However, while the fact that whitewater canoe slalom deserves more love is not up for debate, the fact that there was still a decent amount of media coverage for this specific event is not, as plenty of outlets stepped up to pay their respects to one of the best sports around.

For the most part, it was local media who decided to pay attention to the 2014 ICF canoe slalom world championships, as they turned the time leading up to the event into their own version of media day. Stories about how the event was shaping up from a planning perspective were run frequently on sites including CBS Baltimore and other reputable sources throughout the area surrounding Deep Creek, which was chosen as host over the other options of Vienna, Austria and Krakow, Poland.

Once the event got going, other local organizations began to take notice, as they came out to take photos and write articles about what was going on at Deep Creek 2014. This was an exciting show of support from the community that seemed to do a better job than most American media outlets of covering a sport that they probably did not have much reason to cover in-depth previously.

Nationally, there still was not as much buzz as you would like about the fact that such a big worldwide event was going on right in the United States. Even if you are not a fan of whitewater canoe slalom, a simple bit of respect for the fact that these are some of the best athletes in the world should be enough for you to want to cover something like this. However, national media outlets did not give this event the time of day, which was a disappointment given what some attention from them could have done for the sport as a whole.

To sum up the relationship between the media and the 2014 ICF canoe slalom world championships, it would be safe to say that the local media was great about covering the sport from as many angles as possible. And while the national sports media did not do a good job with the event, the people of the Maryland area did a nice job of picking up the slack.